Answers to some of your questions can be found below


Yes, I would be delighted for you to see me playing at a wedding or function. The music samples on the website are often enough to help you choose music. However, I would be pleased to meet you in person and talk to you about your event. I am a volunteer at the Chris O'Brien LifeHouse at RPA most Mondays, where you are welcome to listen to me play while you relax in the cafe.
If the music is not in my extensive repertoire, I will do my best to find an arrangement for harp. Keep in mind the harp is a classical instrument, if you would like a popular song played with limited range and lots of repeated notes, the character of the harp arrangement may feel different to the original
The troubadour harp is best suited to the beach, it can be amplified and sounds as rich as the concert harp.
No, the harp is moved by Owen. The fee covers moving and tuning the harp
The harp is loud, however, if outdoors the harp will be amplified by a discrete and cordless amplifier, which can be placed away from the harp creating a stereo sound enhancement.
The harp and harpist require two metres by two metres, which includes not only the space for the harp, but the harp bench and music stand.
There are a number of factors such as the length of the entrance and the number of bride's maids. Owen will time the music to finish as the Groom receives the Bride.