Terms and Conditions

An outdoor setting creates a special ambience for many festive occasions.  Conditions in these surroundings are not always favourable for the delicate harp.  The harp must be on level ground, preferably concrete or paved areas. Sand and dirt is not suitable for the pedal harp as a playing surface, however, the smaller troubadour harp can be played in these situations.  The harp can not be exposed to rain, mist or drizzle.  If an awning or veranda is available this is a good alternative.  On very hot sunny days the harp must be shaded or the soundboard may crack.  There is always a solution so if you have any questions regarding the outdoor setting please contact Owen who will be able to help you plan for the best possible outcome.

When playing in a public park if there is a Ranger’s fee, or any other fee,  this will be passed on to the client.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 and a completed Wedding Contract is required to secure your date.  The balance is due two weeks prior to the date.

A travel fee may apply for areas outside of Sydney metropolitan area, this will be agreed upon consultation.

A 15 minute break will be taken during a two or three hour engagement at a suitable time, such as coinciding with speeches.

It is important that your wedding is planned with accurate timings. If your wedding is running late it will impact upon other weddings later in the day.  If your wedding is running late the harpist will conclude playing at the time nominated in the contract and will commence the packing up of his equipment. If he is able to stay a penalty rate of $50 per fifteen minutes may be payable.

Access to parking and a place to unload the harp as close as possible to the performance space is required.